Monday, December 23, 2013

Tis The Season.. For Christmas Parties!

Hey loveys,

On Saturday night I went to my first Christmas party of the season. Our friends Wade and Karolina had a bunch of us friends to their house for a full on Christmas Dinner. If you read my DIY post on my other blog, Karolina is the one I made the infused salt for!

Anyways, the night started out fine, my friend Jen came over and we had a glass of red wine before heading over (with C of course) to Wade and Karolina's. The only downfall was that it was raining and crappy outside and it was super hard to get a cab, which made us about an hour late for the shindig. Not to fret, we still managed to get some turkey and I had some fruit to go with it. Random, I know, but I'm supposed to avoid gluten and the only sides left were stuffing made with bread and a vegan salad with pasta in it. So fruit it was.

The party was so fun. I love getting together with friends, and C and I brought our SLR camera so we could take some fun shots of the night. There were a lot of photos taken and most of them not so good, but I managed to come across some that were awesome so I'm going to show you how much fun we had!

Kissy. Had my lips done - Juvaderm & Glitter ;)
Under the Mistletoe!

An attempt at a group candid shot
Overall it was a really fun night and I got to chat with some people I didn't know very well and made some new friends which is always nice!

Yesterday C and I made our way up to my hometown of Wingham, ON for CHRISTMAS! Yay! I love coming home for Christmas, it makes me happy and this year we're home a couple days earlier than normal so that's super nice! We didn't get here till later yesterday but it was still fun to hang out with my fam jam for a while. C and I are staying in my Aunts and Uncles house which is about a 3 minute walk from my parents house because my Aunt and Uncle to go Vegas every year for Christmas, so we move in temporarily! :)

I'm trying really hard to make healthy decisions this holiday season, mostly because I don't want Deanna killing me in the gym on Friday... last night on the way to Wingham we had to stop at Popeyes because their chicken is always a big hit in Wingham. Everybody ate that for dinner and my mom (very kindly) went and bought me a whole chicken from the grocery store...

I was temporarily sad that I wasn't able to have the biscuits and chicken but when I wasn't bloated (like what normally happens when I eat fast food) I was pretty thankful. I know a lot of people kind of give themselves a "get out of jail free card" when it comes to being unhealthy over the holidays, but I think it's better to be strong and keep up with your healthy habits so you don't lose it all completely. When I had to take a month off of working out it's been SO HARD getting back into it... it's just easier to keep doing what you're doing than have to recreate the habit all over again - don't you think?

Speaking of which - I have to go get ready and help my mom do some errands and then hit the gym with my sister! Today is leg day, so the goal is not being able to walk tomorrow. OH! And my Aunt and Uncle have a treadmill, spin bike and weights so Christmas morning might involve a little spinning before we head over for the presents. Might as well, right? :)

How are you staying healthy over the holidays?

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