Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Rantings - Snow, Personal Training, Memory Ball Gift!

Hey loveys,

Holy heck there is actually snow on the ground here in Toronto. This morning it seems to have stopped, but this is what it looks like from my balcony..

Le sigh. This is much better than yesterday. I had to go out to a Marketing Meeting for Memory Ball and go get my monthly Miracle 10 Peel Treatment so I had to literally truck through the snow and it was windy as all hell and snowing all at the same time. The roads and highways had tons of accidents, so I decided to take the subway, and then found out the subway wasn't running for a stretch that I needed to take so I had to take the subway the wrong way and then, well, it was just kind of a cluster. But I finally made it home around 4, and hibernated ALL NIGHT with C, ie. Had a nap, C made dinner, I wrapped a present for a Secret Santa with my cousins today and we watched a movie on the couch! This is the present I wrapped (if you haven't seen it already, I'm going with this "them" for my Christmas wrapping this year - what do you think?)

On Friday night I had my first personal training session with my trainer at Optimal Body Fitness. Deanna is the name of my trainer and man she is INTENSE. I absolutely am totally in love with her though. She's been where I am currently and has totally transformed the way she looks. By no means was she out of shape when she started with Optimal Body Fitness, but she ended up competing in a fitness competition! I don't think that's quite my goal, but I know my body is going to look a million times better once I'm done this 12 week program.

A big huge part of the program is nutrition. I don't have my nutrition plan yet because I have to meet with the owner of the company, Jon, and he's going to do skin folds on me to find out how my hormones are doing and he's going to cater my nutrition plan around that. Something I really like about the way he caters his nutrition plans is that he doesn't want to not allow someone to have something they like, so we can talk wine for example. He said "I don't want to tell you to not have wine, but maybe you can start drinking a Pinot Noir because the health benefits of that wine are x-times greater than drinking the red zinfandel you're drinking now." PERFECT. I'll compromise to that.

I took before photos but I'm going to wait until I have after photos to show you how I actually look lol. I met with Deanna on Friday night and I'm like so sore today. Jon was laughing because he knew I was going to be sore and Deanna was like "YEAH! YOU DESERVE TO BE THAT SORE! YOU WORKED SO HARD!" Hahaha. We did back and bum/hamstrings and I can feel it all over my whole body still today. I see her again tomorrow so hopefully the pain has subsided by then! I'll keep you updated on my progress and maybe eventually I'll post progress photos so you can see how I'm doing! :)

After my workout I got a protein shake from the studio I was working out at and they put glutamine in it and gave it to me to go in a lovely mason jar. After I got home obviously I put it in a wine glass... however it was like not good tasting at all so I hoped that putting it in a wine glass would make it taste better but it didn't. This is what it looked like...

Bleh. But apparently it helps my recovery, so I knocked it back quickly and drank water the rest of the night. Wheeew crazy Friday night!!! :)

On another fine note, are you looking for a last minute Christmas gift? If you live in Toronto or the GTA, you might want to consider purchasing a Memory Ball ticket for a loved one for a gift!

It's an awesome idea, and it's going to be an epic event this year! You don't want your loved ones to miss out! Tickets that you're able to purchase for yourself go on sale on January 1, so mark your calendars! There's a limited quantity of early bird tickets available as of January 1, so make sure to remind yourself to purchase on January 1!


  1. Love your wrapping job AND your view of Toronto. Snow is so beautiful, but I don't like living where it snows. :)

    1. Thanks Clarinda!! I hate the snow actually. Ugh - maybe because I live in Canada, it's not pretty to me! lol!

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thanks Kaitlyn! It's pretty awesome!

  3. Love your view but love it more with the snow! Is that a park?
    Great job on the wrapping. I like doing themes too for special gifts. I love that color green of the ribbon.
    Good luck on your 12 week program - I'll be here cheering you on!

    1. Yes! It's a park! One part of it is all covered in turf so I always see people doing bootcamps or yoga or playing football down there! The other section is usually where I see lots and lots of dogs, it's nice because there won't ever be a building put up there!

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