Monday, January 27, 2014

Chi Junky #GetAddicted Grand Opening Party

Hey lovey,

So it seems that now Monday's are the day that I blog most consistently. That needs to be improved, so maybe I'll slip in another day this week for catch up!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Duet PR to attend the Grand Opening party for Chi Junky, a new wellness retreat located in the up & coming neighbourhood called Leslieville here in Toronto. Before I get into the actual event itself, let me give you a little background information about Chi Junky itself.

Chi Junky is basically a 1-stop shop for all things clean living. They have a team of professionals including naturopaths, massage therapists, nutritional counsellors, personal trainers and yoga instructors and they all work to fulfill your wellness needs (and as a bonus, if they don't offer the service you're looking for, they will locate the best provider of that service and arrange an appointment for you!).

Rachelle Wintzen, Owner of Chi Junky
Chi Junky is owned by the beautiful Rachelle Wintzen who is a certified yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, iridologist and colon hydro-therapist. She started out in her career as a dancer but unfortunately had to stop due to overuse injuries and poor nutrition. She ended up in the bar scene in New York City and after a while left her physically and mentally wasted and she knew something needed to change. She travelled to Belize where she continued her journey and soon became addicted to living a clean, healthy life!

Chi Junky offers a WIDE variety of services including:

Open Yoga - a yoga class that's no bigger than 4 people so you're able to fine-tune your practice in a small group format.

Private Yoga - one-on-one yoga

Body Therapy - Massage Therapy all preformed by an RMT and they use all organic and natural oils. Treatments include thai yoga, aromatherapy, deep tissue, reiki, reflexology or accupressure.

Movement Therapy - Personal trainers develop a fitness plan based around minimal equipment and uses a lot of body weight movements to help decrease injury while strengthening and toning.

Food Therapy - Holistic Nutritionists teach you how to prolong your life and achieve vitality through food.

Supermarket Junky - You are provided a staff to go with you at your local grocery store for 2-hours while you're being taught how to read labels, decipher the truth behind pretty packaging and choose what you need to nourish yourself.

Clean Meal Delivery or Pickup - providing you with clean meals and the convenience of having it delivered to home or to your office.

Personal In-Home Holistic Chef - You receive a personal holistic chef to your own home to prepare your meals for the week.

For a more compete list of services and prices, click here and you can explore on your own!

Now for the fun part!!! The PARTY!

The party was a red carpet event located at their venue in Leslieville and was so much fun. I walked in and there was a live jazz band playing and they were SO good.

They provided all of the guests with complimentary coat check which was lovely of them. C and I eventually made our way to the back area where the bar was located and the drink menu was all drinks made from natural ingredients (with the exception of the alcohol).

I had to take a picture of our bartender, he probably thought I was nuts.

C and his bevvy.
We ran into the lovely Robyn Baldwin while we were there so we got to chat with her and her date for a while which was nice. I actually hadn't seen her in a really long time so it was nice to catch up quickly!! Obviously we snapped a photo before parting ways.... :)

It was a great night and we met some new people while we were there which is always fun! I took a quick tour of the rest of the facilities before we left (it was busy!) and actually purchased some new dark chocolate which I had never tried before!

I purchased some new dark chocolate and I'm loving it so far, look how pretty it is!

The "Flirt" chocolate is dark chocolate with raspberries and cherries in it, while the other is dark chocolate with dried strawberries and hemp on the top!! It's almost like art, I'm not sure if I can eat that or not! :) As we were leaving the event we were given a swag bag and it was so cute! It came in a reusable black bag and was full of fun stuff like a Vega protein shake, Jax Coconut Water and a Simply Bar!

Thanks to Chi Junky, Duet PR & Rachelle for inviting me! It was such a great time! Hope to go back and take a yoga class soon!!


  1. Looks awesome - and I live in Leslieville, even better :) I also know the girl that owns and operates Nud Fud, that stuff is SO ADDICTIVE.

  2. Your explanation actually makes WAY more sense than their website! Haha now I understand what they mean by concierge. Sounds like a cool organization!


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