Saturday, January 4, 2014

Start Your Day Off Right.. With Water & Lime!

Hey loveys!


I hope you all have started your new year's off on a great foot! On New Years Eve C and I had our friend Jenny over and then later our other friend Lena came over, and we played Dance Dance Revolution and DJ Hero all night..... IN OUR PAJAMAS!! It was amazing and I got to be so cumfy all night! Have I ever confessed to you how much I love Dance Dance Revolution? One summer back in like 2008 I played an epic amount of it and so I'm a decent player now... turns out not everyone can catch on to the tricks of the game as quickly as I thought and they got frustrated because I was beating them all.


I also didn't drink a lot. I knew I wanted to get up and be productive and have a great day and I also knew if I did drink a lot Deanna would kick my ass... so I opted out of that. I woke up on New Year's Day and headed down to our condo gym and hit the bike for some serious interval training.

I did 20 intervals in total (I snapped this about half way through) and the whole workout lasted about 40 minutes including warm up and cool down. I rode the bike at a standard level 3 for the first few minutes, and when the hard interval part started I cranked up the intensity to level 14 and rode as hard and as fast as I could for 30 minutes, then back to level 3 for 1 minute, and back to level 14 for 30 seconds, 20 different times. I was soaked in sweat by the end, and have sweat dripping off my nose....

It's hard to see but there's a drop of sweat on the end of my nose here
If you watched my vlog on the new years resolutions I'm setting, you know one of them is to drink more water. I've been doing SO WELL with my water intake that it's crazy. I'm drinking about 3-4 litres of water every day and now that I've been doing it for a while, when I don't drink enough water I can really tell I'm getting dehydrated. Every morning I start my day off with 800mL of water with the juice of 1 whole lime. Why?

1. Your body becomes naturally dehydrated when you're sleeping because you're obviously not drinking water. By drinking water first thing you're replacing the water in your body that was lost overnight.

2. A glass of water first thing in the morning "wakes up" your digestive system and gets it ready and prepared for digesting your breakfast.

3. The lime juice in the water helps prepare your body for breaking down fat. It basically liquifies bile and helps eliminate excess bile from the body.

4. The lime water helps bowels eliminate naturally and easily.

5. It helps alkalize your body. If you drink it before eating anything, it helps your body pH stay higher than if you didn't drink it. The more alkaline your body, the more your body is resistant to minor and major disease.

There you have it! Even if you started your day with warm water and lime or lemon juice it would help your body so much! Don't forget to stay hydrated even in the winter. I know a lot of people don't think about water so much in the winter because they aren't sweating and hot like in the summer, but the cold naturally takes moisture from your body because it's so dry (ie. Dry lips and skin!) so make sure to drink lots of water every day to keep water levels up!

Today I'm off to run a bunch of errands and buy myself a backpack! Monday is my first day of school and I'm fairly nervous, but I'm excited to tell you how it goes!! Wish me luck!!


  1. Good tip about adding lime to your water! I like adding it because it gives it a little extra flavor :)

  2. I'm not always so good about drinking water, and never really thought about drinking some right away in the morning. Great info here. Thanks!

  3. I do this, but with a lemon instead of a lime...I find them easier to track down at the grocery store, etc!! :)


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