Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spinout Cycle Grand Opening & I Got A New Job!

Hey lovey,

*disclaimer. If this post doesn't make sense in some parts it could be for 1 of 2 reasons. I'm writing in bed right now... or because I'm hung over. Sorry.... not sorry.

This is probably the longest in the past 2ish years that I've gone without blogging. I'm fairly certain that it happens to everyone though, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Life gets in the way and a lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote!

First up, midterms were this week so any spare moment I had was spent studying. I think I did well on them!! The hardest test that I had was Friday morning and it was for Marketing... I think it was the way he worded questions that kept throwing me off. I had to read them a bunch of times before I could really comprehend what he was trying to ask. My Business Concepts course midterm was online so I was able to get my mark back for that right away, 82% baby! A! I'm anxious to get my tests back this coming week (hopefully).

Secondly, I GOT A JOB! Hahaha... the streak of purposely being unemployed has ended, sadly. It is the craziest story on how I got the job. I met this wonderful woman, Rebecca, 2 weeks ago (give or take a couple days) and it was on a Wednesday  night. She basically recruited me that day and then by the Sunday (which happened to be Super Bowl Sunday), I was meeting with the owner of this insanely fancy restaurant about being a Hostess.... that was at 3pm. By 5pm I was working!! Haha... crazy right? It's probably the most perfect timing ever. The restaurant I work at now is called Michael's on Simcoe and it's a very upscale, very trendy place to eat in the city. It's an Italian Steakhouse and they age and butcher all of their steaks in-house, so it's pretty cool!! It's a super hot spot during TIFF (last year they had Will Smith come in, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhal...) and they often have sports teams come in as well as local celebrities (the Dragons from Dragon's Den are big fans!). So yes! I've been working as well which made even less free time to do anything....

Personal Training is still kind of going well. This week was an epic Cluster@($& of things because of starting the new job and studying for exams. Deanna taught me some good ways to fit in my meals with work so tonight I'm going to make sure I bring in enough stuff to munch on while I'm at work. I actually need to go buy some BCAA's so I can drink those at work. Yesterday was a rough day at the gym. I didn't get a lot of sleep so I came home and napped which made me feel worse. I got to the gym and I just wanted it to be over... I was grumpy.. SO grumpy.. but Deanna handled it well and by the end of my workout I was in a better mood.

AND.. I guess this is the fun part. On Tuesday I went to a Grand Opening party of a new spin studio here in Toronto, in Liberty Village called Spinout Cycle! It was SO FUN. So I got invited to attend a class and other bloggers were there and press was there and PR people were there.. it was fun. I ran into a girl I knew so it was nice to be able to chat with her. She was hanging out with one of the athlete's that was in attendance, Martin Reader! He's an Olympic Volleyball Player and he's a super nice guy!

Alisha is a sprint coach and personal trainer, she's in SUCH good shape too.. if you want to follow her she's @trainitright on every social media platform lol. If you want to follow Martin he's @martinjreader! Anywho, once the class started we got our bikes and got taught how to use everything.

There was another athlete there who I was unfamiliar with, Elijah from The Ultimate Fighter...

The basis of the class is that your tracked on a big screen for everyone in the class to see. Your bike number is ranked based on how hard you're working so it's a big competition against everyone in the room. Martin and Elijah were ranked 1st and 2nd... I came in close in 10th position out of about 40 people so that was cool!

The bikes are super high tech and come with this screen that tells you how hard you're working and how many calories you've burned. If you tap one of the buttons at the end it shows you the average for all of your stats from your whole workout! I burned about 500 calories doing the 40 minute class - not bad!!!

This is the owner of Spinout Cycle! I'm not sure of her name but she was so proud and so excited, it was adorable!

I was Bike 1, and as you can see kind of, I ended up in 10th place!! :) It was a super fun experience and if you're ever in the area you should definitely check them out!! Here are some more photos from the event!

There's me! :)

Anywho I must go get ready for my day and then I'm off to work at 4!! If you're also in the area near Michael's, come in for a bevvy! :)


  1. I've been wanting to try a spinning class! Looks like you had fun! :)

  2. I love spin class...and to have it as a cool!

  3. That sounds super cool!! I actually went to my first spin class this morning :)

  4. I put Michael's on Simcoe on our Dinner Date To Do List!


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