Monday, March 10, 2014

{Giveaway} Miracle 10 SPF!

Hey loveys,

I hope everybody had a great weekend! I have to admit, I didn't do too much this weekend. I've been hit with this awful cold that's been going around and so on Saturday I was basically bed ridden until about 5pm, and then I went to work at 6pm... Yesterday I spent it doing homework, writing some blogs and going out for lunch! Oh.. and I watched a few documentaries... I love documentaries... 

On Friday the weather was SO NICE! I was ready to bust out my collection of summer dresses and hit up a patio (I’m like half joking). It was so sunny and when the sun was hitting me, it actually made me heat up a little bit because I was wearing my Canada Goose coat… but I’m SO not complaining. I’m so over the winter we’ve been having and this crazy “polar vortex” that I will gladly overheat any day of the week.

I know that because summer is just around the corner, a lot more people start putting more effort into their daily beauty routine and into their skin care to prepare them for the season of “showing more skin”. A lot of people, however, forget that skin care is just as (if not more) important in the winter than it is in the summer. If you could guess what the most important element of skin care for any given person, what would you think it is?



A deep cleanser?


SUNSCREEN is EASILY the most important aspect to ANYONE’S skin care routine (sorry about all the capitals lol, this is extremely important)… doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, a sunscreen designed for your face is most important in anti-aging. SPF is your best defence against developing the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and poor skin quality. If you are spending all this time and money on skincare and getting glowing skin, spending time under the sub without protecting is going to undo all of that hard work. Using SPF is like an insurance policy for your skincare (BIG thanks to Elizabeth from Miracle 10 for teaching me this).

The SPF I use is part of the skincare line that I use called Miracle 10. I absolutely am in love with using the SPF from this line because it doesn’t feel or smell like stereotypical sunscreen. It has a dry-touch application so it allows me to put makeup on right after (thank God), it has a non-comedogenic formula so that it won’t clog my pores, and it’s water/sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes which is SUPER important for the summer when I run outside in the sun! It also comes in a super cute bottle with a pump so you don’t waste any of the product by accident.

Want to know the best news?

The AMAZING ladies at Miracle 10 have given me TWENTY (yes… 20!) bottles of SPF to giveaway to my lucky readers!! That’s right! You could win* 1 of 20 bottles of SPF from Miracle 10 simply by:

1. Leaving a comment on this blog telling me about your skincare and how you could incorporate SPF into your daily routine..


2. Filling out this online form by clicking here

I KNOW. I’m super, super excited for this giveaway because it really is one of my favourite Miracle 10 products. I never used to use any form of sun protection on my face and now I’m totally obsessed with it and keeping my skin fresh and youthful, not old and haggard from the sun!

I can’t wait to read all of the comments about your current skincare routine! The contest will run from today (March 10) until March 20th and the 20 winners will be contacted via e-mail about their winnings, so make sure to use a valid e-mail address when filling out the online form!

Good Luck!! J J

*By entering the Contest and accepting the prize you expressly consent to the Sponsor (Miracle 10 Cosmetics), its agents and/or representatives storing, sharing, and using the personal information submitted with his/her entry only for the purpose of administer the Contest and in accordance with the sponsor’s privacy policy, unless the entrant agrees otherwise. The sponsor reserves the right to cancel or suspend this contest, or to amend these rules without prior notice or obligation, in the event of any accident, printing, administrative, or other error of any kind. In accepting their prize, the winner agrees to release the contest parties and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors and assigned, from any liability in connection with this contest, the selected entrant’s participation therein and/or awarding and use/misuse of the prize or any portion thereof.



  1. I don't leave the house without my moisturizer on, and it has SPF in it. If it doesn't have SPF, I don't buy it. If I'm outside in the summer I have a hat on or atleast SPF30. I have to buy special SPF for my face because I break out with the regular stuff, but even the face stuff is too oily. Would love to win this!

  2. I'm going to be the big 3-0 this year...yes 30!!! It kind of hit me over the last year that just because I'm going to be 30 this year, doesn't mean I have to LOOK 30, so I have been trying to take the best care possible of my skin...which is, of course, the first place my true age will show! I try to wear at least an SPF 30 everyday, and SPF 45 in the summer! 30 is the new 20, right!? Would love to win :)

  3. Oh, and that comment was from Jasmine :) LOL

  4. yes, me! i'm super skincare girl - my super hero name. i look almost identical to my mom, and she has amazing skin except for her crow's feet, for that reason i started using eye creams at 19. SPF is extremely important, especially in Calgary where it is ALWAYS sunny. not a bad thing, as i am always happy, but your skin never gets a break from those rays.

  5. No joke .. I just came to your blog because I forgot what the name of the skin care treatments you used were and ofcourse you are hosting an awesome giveaway from them. TOTAL WIN! Haha. My skin is super sensitive and dry so I try to take good care of it. This usually involves washing it with a gentle cleaner in the AM, moisturizing with my lotion - spf in there, make up remover and cleanser in the PM followed by my night cream. In the winter months I moisturize like a crazy woman and in the summer I use a lighter cream with a higher SPF.

  6. My mother has had countless patches of skin cancer removed from her face. I don't want to have to deal with surgery and scarring later in life!

  7. Always use a sunscreen in my daily routine. I usually try to find a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 but in the Summer I use a separate higher SPF count. Would love to try this one!

  8. I use moisturizer with SPF in it and my mineral makeup also has it in it so I'm covered when I put make up on.

  9. I've been wanting to try out some of your beloved Miracle 10 products for a while now, and as a runner, I think this would be a GREAT item to start with :) Most of the time I use a moisturizer with SPF in it...but to be honest, I'm not as great with using it in the winter!

  10. I always put SPF on first thing in them morning, but all the ones I have are greasy!

  11. Hi Sarah!
    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE reading your blogs!
    I have put moisturizer with spf on my face every day since I was 14. However, I have been noticing some changes to my skin, especially after having my son, and I think that it is time to switch to one that works better with my skin now. Most importantly, one that isn't oily or greasy and goes well under make up without making my face shiny! I'd love to try out some of the Miracle10 products as you so highly recommend them! SPF sounds like a good place to start!


  12. I think my plan is to make sunscreen super accessible by putting it my backpack. That way I can put it on anytime I remember!

  13. I could have used this during the LA marathon yesterday! My nose completely got fried!

  14. I don't currently use SPF in my routine but need to!

  15. Coconut oil and sunscreen are staples for my face...having a parent battle recurrent melanoma will turn you into a sunscreen fiend! That being said, I have struggled finding a sunscreen that doesn't react with my sensitive skin so I would be very interested in giving this brand a try!

  16. Don't know how I missed this post in my reader - I tend to layer products to get the SPF I need. The moisturizer I like doesn't have SPF , and the SPF I like doesn't moisturize enough. On top of that is a tinted moisturizer, as well as an eye cream.


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