Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Bump In The Road

Hey loveys,

I mentioned quickly yesterday that life hasn't been the most "healthy" lately. A reason I think so many people like this blog is because I'm not really hiding anything... I'm not super healthy all the time. SURPRISE!

I was doing a personal training program for 3 months and I recently finished it (more on this at a later date) and when it was done I kind of took some time and did whatever I wanted to do. I stopped working out and I went out partying and I let myself eat what I wanted for about 1.5-2 weeks. With that being said, I still ate fairly healthy (I didn't eat junk food ALL the time) but I definitely did not do any exercise.

I feel like I mentally needed a break like this for a couple of reasons. As much as I loved my personal training, when I had to go to the gym I had to dedicate 3 hours for a 1 hour workout because of travel time and whatnot... With school, that equals stressful. I also wanted to be able to spend time with C because when I was doing personal training, a lot of times it was over the dinner hour, so he would either get home and I'd immediately leave, or I'd leave before he'd even get home and sometimes wouldn't be home till 7:30 at night, and if you don't know, in the morning's I leave the house at 7am.. and sometimes he's not awake by then.

It was nice to have the extra time to spend with him and just to do my own thing and get back into blogging and really focus on school. I work on weekends and lately I've been staying after work to hang out with people I know and have some drinks. Some drinks tends to turn into more than some, which equals a hangover on Sunday mornings. Before I ended my PT sessions, I spent 1 month not drinking any alcohol. I felt so incredibly slim, my bodyfat percentage dropped like crazy and I felt just pretty great... I've noticed now that I've been drinking again, that I don't feel as great and I feel like I don't look as great.

This blog is all about me being honest and being real, and admitting when I fault.. so basically the last 2-3 weeks have been a hot mess.


This weekend I didn't drink/party NEARLY as much, I wasn't hungover on Sunday, I was productive and felt great. Yesterday I was back in the gym full force! I worked out in my condo gym and it's fun to do exercises that I have learned from personal training now. Yesterday my workout consisted of....

Squats with a 25# dumbbell
1-legged hamstring curls, 30#
Lat pulldown, 60#
Hip raises
Upright cable row, 50#
Rear kick backs
Back extension with 25# dumbbell
Negative Dips

I think that's all... Oh! And I ran for 5 minutes for a warm up because my condo gym was FREEZING! It's actually been a really long time since I've gone for a run. My old trainer said that my running will probably be improved because my legs are so much stronger now and my strides are probably a lot longer just from the increase in strength. I can't wait till it gets a liiiiiiiiitle bit warmer outside and I can hit the trails along the lake here in Toronto. Remember when I used to run all the time? Those were the days.

These pictures really make me want to start doing races again.... hmm...... food for thought I suppose.

This week has also been great in terms of diet.. even if it is only Tuesday. I haven't cheated, except for a glass of red wine last night. I love red wine before bed.... I'm sorry, but it's fantastic and I'm not upset about it. I've been drinking a TON of water to make sure my hydration levels are prime and I've been sleeping well at night which is great. All in all, I had a little bump in the road but I'm back on track and I feel great about it.

Yesterday's "My Happy Monday" was a big success for it's first week!!! I had 6 bloggers do a post on their Happy Mondays (links are in my previous post... go check them out!). My new goal is definitely to be blogging more often, even if it is just rambles. Like today. 

Anywho, I'm off to do some algebraic problem solving for my math test on Thursday... and make notes for my Business class, and my Marketing class, and my HR class, and do online quizes to study for my Marketing class, and learn some advanced stuff about Excel for my computers class... le sigh. The life of a student...


  1. You are awesome-thanks for keeping it real. I find my healthy balance kind of ebbs and flows too. With the summer there will be more drinks and less clean eats but as long as I eat healthy when I can and exercise I figure I'll be fine. At least you are staying hydrated, I need to up my water intake !

    1. Haha hey Lauren! Thanks so much!! I really wanted this blog to be completely honest and real from the beginning when I started it (woah.. 2.5 years ago!?). So sometimes that means admitting to my partying tendencies for the world to see, but it makes me a real person so I guess that makes up for it! :) Thanks for the support! oxo

  2. Way to get back on track! I loved your "sorry, not sorry" take on the red wine! "I love red wine before bed.... I'm sorry, but it's fantastic and I'm not upset about it." I used to LOVE red wine too!

    1. Hey Lydia!! Hahaha... you know what, I firmly believe that if you love something, you shouldn't give it up. For me, a glass of red wine after dinner totally makes my night. Why would I give that up!? I'm so not sorry that I have that wine... I'm sure everyone has that vice, but it's all in moderation! We all need to indulge and I think having that glass of wine stops me from OVER indulging on other days!

  3. Thanks for the great article. Your story is truly inspiring. You set a great example for people. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Aww thank you for your comment!! I really appreciate that :)


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