Monday, May 12, 2014

Breast Augmentation Information Night at The Plastic Surgery Clinic + My First Run Outside This Season!

Hey loveys,

OK before I get into the fact that I haven't blogged in almost 2 weeks, I just want to say that YES I did pick a winner of the phone/watch, YES I already contacted them - Sara Bolton - and if there was 1 thing I learned during this giveaway was that there are some very greedy people out there. I'm not going to name anyone specifically or anything... but like, come on. It was a free giveaway, a gift to my readers per se - please don't e-mail me and bombard me with messages to find out if you won. I'm up to date enough to have contacted the winner directly. Anywho... that's enough of a rant for today....


I know - I'm like the worst blogger in the world. There's good reasons though, I'm not just not doing anything but unfortunately sometimes blogging gets pushed to the back burner when I have school and work... :)

Last Tuesday I was a guest speaker at an event at The Plastic Surgery Clinic for a private function they were having for women interested in learning more about breast augmentation specifically. I really super enjoyed doing this because I love being involved with helping people figure out what is right for them in terms of their bodies. I have a lot of women who contact me all the time asking about breast augmentation (as you probably know, I've been a pretty open book about it all) and I got to meet a few of the ladies who attended the event to get more information.

The first part of the event was just mingling and waiting for the attendees to arrive. Dr. Lista was in attendance, Rosie and Brittany who are patient coordinators were in attendance, Daniel & Svetlana were doing makeup touch ups on the attendees for fun, Cindy who is an RN at the clinic was there and myself to talk to patients who wanted to talk specifically to someone who has undergone the surgery.

The attendees went on a tour of the whole clinic with Cindy where she showed them the consultation rooms, the pre-operation rooms, the operating room and the post-op recovery room and they eventually made their way to the basement of the clinic where the presentation area was set up, and where we were waiting to start speeches. The attendees sat down and Cindy did a lovely job of introducing Dr. Lista (whom she's worked for for 4.5 years) and Dr. Lista took the stage and basically went through the whole breast augmentation process, the types of implants available, how they do the procedure specifically, etc etc...

The presentation area at the clinic.
Dr. Lista doing his speech for the attendees
After Dr. Lista was through with his speech, he introduced me and I took the stage. If you know me well, you know that public speaking isn't exactly my forte. I was nervous, but I had a guide to go on based on what people want to hear me talk about, and really - I lived through the whole experience! I've gone through my experience so many times with so many different people, that I just decided to go up to the front, sit on the chair and pretend like I was talking to a girlfriend. I spoke for about 10 minutes to a group of about 25 women, I was super nervous the whole time, but Dr. Lista and the other staff said I did really well, so fingers crossed they invite me back to do another so I can do it even better next time! (If anyone from M10 or PSC is reading this... ahem... :P).

After the speeches, the attendees were encouraged to stay and mingle, drink some wine and eat some food, and they all got an awesome gift bag to take home! I think the women really appreciated the whole experience. A lot of the women who I've been in contact with since the event have told me they really enjoyed it and really appreciated the one-on-one time with Dr. Lista and the staff rather than having it be in a consultation setting where things may sometimes be a bit rushed, and just not so casual. Before the night was officially over, we did snap a few photos (for my blog of course.. but just of the staff)...

Daniel, Brittany & Myself
Dr. Lista and Myself 
Svetlana & Daniel, Makeup Artists!
Svetlana, Daniel & Brittany
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Cindy the RN or Elizabeth and Alexa who are marketing ladies, but next time for sure (again.. ahem... :D). I am so super thankful for the opportunity to help out with this event!! I loved every minute of it... :) Thank you to everyone at Plastic Surgery Clinic for inviting me!! xoxoxoxo

Last week was also my first week back to school! I also started doing a little online freelance work as a little extra side-job and that's another reason I haven't been able to blog (because of deadlines!). Yesterday was SO nice outside that I decided to get my butt outside and go for a run along the water. I can't even get over how wonderful it was. It was my first run outside of the whole year and it was SO refreshing. There were so many people out on bikes and rollerblades and running as well that I couldn't pass up the chance!

See - there's me... and my runners... along the water! If the weather stays nice and clear this week I will be doing a lot more outdoor running. I'm taking today off to 1. Blog, 2. Work and 3. Rest because I've ran for the past 3 days and my calves are a bit tight.

Questions for you!
Do you enjoy public speaking?
Did you get the opportunity to run outside this weekend??



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  2. Good to share your experiences where it may help or encourage someone else. I think public speaking becomes easier when you do it more often AND when you are sharing information you are confident about.
    I am sure that most folks who entered your giveaway were just excited about it, not being particularly greedy. I bet your winner will love her prize.

  3. DID I WINNNN?????????????????? DID I WIN?

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